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The Tomorrow War Review | A time travel science fiction with aliens

The Tomorrow War
The Tomorrow War

You must have seen the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie Terminator where machine men comes from future to current world. This movie is just opposite of that where humans goes to future world from present world. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son in law Chris Pratt is performing main role in this movie. Interestingly it has one of the famous dialog also in this movie: “I will be back“.

The Tomorrow War is an American military science fiction movie with full of actions. It is a fantasy film where today’s humans are moved to future world for war against white spikes aliens army.
From 2051, humans comes with an urgent SOS message in current time like Dec 2022 for getting help in was with aliens which is about to destroy whole human race.

So for his daughter’s future, an Iraqi war veteran turned high school science teacher Dan Forester goes to future world to serve in war against aliens army. Here he mets her daughter Muri who is scientist. It is an interesting situation where both are almost of same age. Daughter knows evrything about her father while father dont know much about daughter. Muri and team has captured a female queen alien and they are trying to create a toxin from alien body sample to win this war.

Now you have to watch if present day people can win war against aliens in future world can save future future world?

The Tomorrow War is directed by Chris McKay. Chris Pratt is performing main role of Dan Forester. Yvonne Strahovski performing role of Dan’s daughter Muri in future world who is also a brilliant scientist aka Romeo Command. Ryan Kiera Armstrong is Dan’s curent world’s daughter Muri. J. K. Simmons perfoming role Dan’s father James Forester who has strange relationship with his son. Betty Gilpin performing role of Dan’s wife Emmy Forester. Sam Richardson performing role of comedian friend Charlie. Edwin Hodge is Dorian and Jasmine Mathews is performing role of Lt/ Hart whoc came from future with SOS message. Keith Powers as Major Greenwood. Theo Von as Dixon Hart. Mary Lynn Rajskub as Norah. Seychelle Gabriel as Sergeant Diaz. Mike Mitchell as Cowan.

The Tomorrow War has a good storyline and interesting concept. It has all the ingredients like time travel, science fiction, sound effects, visual effects, CGI animations, war with aliens and emotional bonding to keep you hooked up. In fact this movie could be a visual treat in big screens of theater but for now you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

Genre: Time Travel, Sci Fi, Aliens


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