Chehre Review | A Gripping Court Room Game

Chehre Review

Today, we are going to review latest Hindi film Chehre. This is an interesting court room game with full of mystery and suspense.

Somewhere in mountains there is a bunglow of retired justice Jagdish Acharya (Dhritiman Chatterjee) where his friends meets and play an interesting game of mock trial. His friends includes retired criminal lawyers Lateef Zaidi (Amitabh Bachchan) and Paramjeet Singh Bhullar (Annu Kapoor), A hangman Hariya Jatav (Raghuvir Yadav). Anna (Rhea Chakraborty) is a young girl in this house who takes care of them and Joe (Siddhanth Kapoor) is Anna’s brother who is mute. They perform a mock trial on stranger.

Sameer Mehra is a CEO of an ad agency who is in hurry to reach Delhi. he took a shortcut and gets stuck in this mountain. Paramjeet Singh brings him to Justice Acharya’s house. Here after getting fresh they asked him to join on this game. With initial hesitation he agrees for it and they made him an accused in this game. After few interactions Lateef Zaidi puts him on trail for accused as murder of his boss.

During this game Sameer Mehra reveals too much about his recent stories and he starts getting feared when he got to know that Hariya is a real hangmen while Joe recently came after serving 7 years in jail.

Now you have to see what happens with Sameer. Is he really killed his boss (Sameer Soni) and what is his relationship with his boss’s wife Natasha Oswal (Krystle D’Souza).

Chehre will surely keep you hooked till first half. In second half story gets little lose. There is one monologue of Amitabh Bachchan in the end which is too long and contains so many things that it becomes boring.

Overall its a good watch and you will especially like it, if you enjoys court room drama kind of movies which also has suspense thriller involved.

Genre: Mystery, Suspense, Court Room Drama

Shershaah Review | A war biography of courage and valour

NextWatch movie review Sheshaah

Today, we are going to review latest Bollywood Hindi film Shershaah. This is a story of Kargil war hero Paramveer Chakra awardee brave Indian soldier Captain Vikram Batra. Vishal Batra who is twin brother of Vikram Batra is narrating this story.

Vikram Batra is a lively person whose romantic college life to barevry in Kargil war is depicted in this film. A story of courage and valour where his yeh dil maange more attitude helps in re-capturing two important locations from enemy. Point 5140 and Point 4875. Captain Vikram Batra and Captain Sanjeev Jamval’s team re-captures point 5140 without any casualty. Point 4875 is now known as Batra point.

Vishnuvardhan Kulasekaran has directed this movie. Its his first Hindi film direction while he as directed many a Tamil movies before this. Sidharth Malhotra is performing double role in this film, one is a small role of Vishal Batra and another is of Captain Vikram Batra. Kiara Advani is performing role of Dimple Cheema who is Vikram’s college friend as well as love interest. Shiv Pandit is performing as Captain Sanjeev Jamval aka Jimmy. Nikitin Dheer is performing as role of Major Ajay Singh Jasrotia aka Jassi who saves six soldiers life during a heavy shelling. Sahil Vaid is performing Vikram’s childhood friend’s role as Sunny. Shataf Figar performing as Col. Yogesh Kumar Joshi.

In this patriotic environment of 15th August, you will surely like this film which is full of courage and valour and with motivations. This movie has awesome set of songs and it also wonderfully captures the scenic beauty of Kashmir.

Genre: Action, Biography, Drama, History, War

Mimi Review | A surrogacy related emotional drama

Mimi Movie Review in Hindi

Today, we are going to review latest Bollywood Hindi film Mimi. This is an interesting story related with complexity of surrogate pregnancy in India.

John and his wife Summer are an American couple who are looking for a healthy girl for surrogacy in India. Bhanu is their tourist driver in Rajasthan, who is ready to help them in this task for some money.

With A R Rahman’s dancing song Paramsundari, Mimi makes an entry. American couple suggests Bhanu that they are looking for someone like Mimi who is fit & healthy.

Mimi has a dream of becoming Bollywood actress and need money to go to Mumbai and for photoshoot. Bhanu gives her American couple’s Rs 20 lakhs offer of surrogacy. With some initial hesitation Mimi gets ready for it and also gets pregnant. Mimi tells family that she is going to Mumbai for 9 months film shoot and shifts in her friend Shama’s house. Things looks to be settled.

In one of the routine pregnancy checkup, Doctor informs that unbron kid is showing some syndrome related with disability. American couple gets disheartned and fearful with this news and refuses to take this baby further. Bhanu tries to convince them but couple just ask him to get rid of it and flew back to America. Mimi has to return to her family. To calm his family she misinforms that Bhanu is her husband and that brings lots of comical twist in this story. Slowly family gets settled with this with lots of laughable incidents.

Now you have to see, what happens to Mimi’s dream of Bollywood? Does Bhanu ever gets out of this situation? and Does American couple ever returns to India again?

Laxman Utekar has directed Mimi movie who has also worked with Pankaj Tripathi and Kriti Sanon in Luka Chuppi movie. Kriti Sanon is performing lead role of Mimi Rathore. Pankaj Tripathi is performing role of Bhanu driver. Samantar web series girl Sai Tamhankar playing role of Mimi’s good friend Shama. Supriya Pathak is performing Mimi’s mummy who also appeared in another latest movie Toofaan. Manoj Pahwa is performing role of Mimi’s father. Evelyn Edwards is performing as Summer and Aidan Whytock is perfroming as John. Jacob Smith is playing Mimi’s son Raj. Jaya Bhattacharya as Dr. Asha Desai. Atmaja Pandey as Rekha Pandey, Bhanu’s wife. Nutan Surya as Kaikeyi Pandey, Bhanu’s mother. Sheikh Ishaque Mohammad as Aatif, Mansingh’s student. Pankaj Jha as Dilshad.

With the focus on comedy, Mimi movie captures some of the complexity with surrogacy. This is one of the best performance of Kriti Sanon who also gained around 15kgs to look like a pregnant woman. As usual Pankaj Tripathi convicingly plays the role of down to earth helpful driver.

Overall Mimi is one of the good watch which will make you laugh as well as emotional on same time. One of the best dialog from movie is:
हम जो सोचते हैं, वो जिंदगी नहीं होती है
हमारे साथ जो होता है, वो जिंदगी होती है

Genre: Comedy, Family, Drama

Toofaan Review | An Emotional Punch

NextWatch movie review Toofaan

Today, we are going to review latest Bollywood Hindi movie Toofaan. This is story about a boxer’s life struggles. How a local extortionist guy reaches to the national level championship of boxing sports.

Story starts with Dongri’s local goon Ajju bhai who is an orphan works for Jaffar bhai to extract extortion money. Once he watches a legendary boxes Muhammad Ali’s boxing video and which developes interests for boxing in him. In between he meets Dr Anaynya Prabhu who asks him what he wants to do in his life to be a local goon only or a respectable boxer Aziz Ali. With these inspirations he starts practicing for boxing under super coach Nana Prabhu and wins the state level championship.

Meanwhile Dr Ananya and Aziz Ali gets more closer and their friendship blossoms into love. Even there is wonderful song with title Ananya in this movie. Here comes first twist when Aziz Ali and coach Nana Prabhu gets to know that Aziz’s love intrest Ananya is Nana Prabhu’s daughter. These creates conflict between coach and boxer to the level of Hindu Muslim love jihad conflict which is depicted here.

In another twist Aziz Ali gets banned from boxing for 5 years due to match fixing. In this difficult situation Aziz gets married to Ananya and have 1 daughter and gets settled in life but his becoming champion boxer gets crashed.

What happens after 5 years. Does he gets another chance? Does the relationship between coach Nana Prabhu and Aziz Ali and Ananya Prabhu mends? And what happens to Aziz Ali’s dream of national level boxing champion? You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime Video.

Toofaan movie is directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra who is also performing a small role of IBF Secretary in this movie. Farhan Akhtar is performing role of as Aziz Ali aka Ajju Bhai aka “Toofaan”. Mrunal Thakur as Dr. Ananya Prabhu. Paresh Rawal as Coach Narayan “Nana” Prabhu. Sonali Kulkarni as Nana’s wife Sumati Prabhu. Vijay Raaz as Jaffar Bhai. Hussain Dalal as Munna. Darshan Kumar as Dharmesh Patil. Supriya Pathak as Sister D’souza. Mohan Agashe as Bala Kaka. Deven Khote as Merchant Sir. Gauri Phulka as Myra Sumati Aziz Ali who is Aziz & Ananya’s daughter. Gaganpreet Sharma as defending champion Boxer Prithvi Singh.

Overall Toofaan is a one time watch movie which is full of Bollywood masala and lots of emotions and litle stretched.

Genre: Boxing, Sports, Drama

Sherni Movie Review | An offbeat Jungle Ride with Vidya Balan

Vidya Vincent is a Divisional Forest Officer who just got posted in Madhya Pradesh’s jungle. A tense situation is going on in nearby villages due to terror of man eating tigress T12 in this jungle. Elections time is going on and GK Singh and PK Singh’s parties are taking benefit of tense situation for their election gains. There is immense pressure on Vidya to find the solution for tigress T12 and get it settled. One of the political party has hired private shooter Pintu bhaiya to hunt down T12.

Vidya, Hasaan Noorani and other forest guards wants to move tigress T12 away from villages and to nearby national park while political parties wants to hunt down T12 to gain support of voters. Pintu bhaiya wants to hunt down tigress to maintain his heritage pride.

Now in all these difficult situation, you have to see what happens to Sherni T12 and forest officer Vidya Vincent?

Sherni movie is directed by Amit Masurkar who has also directed Newton movie before this. Forest officer Vidya Vincent’s role is performed by Vidya Balan. Mukul Chadda is Vidya’s husband Pawan. Vijay Raaz performing role of zoology professor Hassan Noorani. Neeraj Kabi is an additional principal chief conservator forest (APCCF) Akhil Nangia. Sharat Saxena is Ranjan Rajhans aka shooter Pintu bhaiya. Brijendra Kala is performing role of Vidya’s boss Bansal. Ila Arun is Vidya’s mother in law. Ashwini Ladekar is performing role of female forest guard in Sherni movie. She is a software engineer and belongs to Sausar, Madhya Pradesh. Sampa Mandal is performing role of a villager in Sherni. Satyakam Anand is performing role of one of the politician PK Singh in movie Sherni.

Sherni movie is streaming on Amazon Prime Video in India. Vidya Balan’s last movie Shakuntala Devi was also released on Prime video only.

Sherni is not a regular Bollywood mainstream masala movie instead it is an interesting movie on offbeat topic. Characters are casted well and acting is good for all the actors. It easily depicts the day to day life and challenges of forest officers and guards. Rotten system and politics associated with forest and nearby villages. Sherni movie beautifully captures Madhya Pradesh’s jungle.

Second half of Sherni movie is little stretched. Many of the scenes looks like just filler and breaks the rhythm of movie. For e.g. showing Pintu bhaiya sleeping, brushing teeth, surprise visit of Vidya’s family in jungle are all unrequired content and could have been edited out.

Overall Sherni is realistic kind of movie which puts a question mark in your mind for current situation in forest. One of the interesting dialog from Sherni movie is “You could go to the forest 100 times and perhaps spot a tiger once, but be rest assured that the tiger has spotted you 99 times” and this clearly reflects who is infiltrating in whose region.

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