Samantar Review | A must watch for Mystery lovers

Today, we are going to review Samantar web series. This web series is based on Suhas Shirvalkar’s Marathi language novel Samnatar.

In Samantar web series, you will get to see two legendary actors who played role of Lord Krishna. Nitish Bhardwaj perfomed the role of Krishna in world famous Mahabharat and Swapnil Joshi played the role of lord Krishna in Shri Krishna TV serial respectivey.

If two persons are sharing same hand lines and same destiny then what will happen?

Samantar story is about Kumar Mahajan, who is married and have 1 kid and a good friend Sharad who always stood by him in all situations. Due to not so good financial situation his life is not going smooth. His friend Sharad took him to Swami who is good with palmistry and can tell future. Kumar is an atheist and don’t believe in such stuffs but goes to Swami as his friend insist.
After seeing his hand, Swami tells him he has already seen this hand long back and cant tell the future. This angers Kumar and he abuses Swami. Anyways in all this he gets to know he shares his hand lines with Sudarshan Chakrapani and probably same destiny.

Few more bad incidents happens with Kumar and he gets to know that same thing did happened with Sudarshan Chakrapani also. So he starts his search for Chakrapani.

After travelling Mumbai, Panhala, Kolhapur, Karjat he eventually reaches Chiplun town of Maharashtra where he meets Sudarshan Chakrapani. Sudrashan shares his old diaries with Kumar where he had written his daily routines. What more a person need if you get to know what is going to happen next with you and accordingly you can prepare for it. But Chakrapani put a condition to Kumar that he can read only one page a day. Kumar accepts it and starts following it. This diary really helps Kumar. He gets promoted, He gets a new car, his wife Nima and kid also gets happy. Overall Kumar’s life gets settled.

After few days, there was a page which says that an another woman will come in his life. Now this upsets Kumar’s whole good going situation. He tries hard to avoid any contact with any other women, but eventually a businessman’s frustrated hot wife Meera Baviskar comes into his life. This twist in story makes this series more interesting. Now you have to see what happens with Kumar Mahajan. Does his whole life moves parallel to Sudarshan Chakrapani or he manages to change his destiny with advance knowledge from diary?

In Samantar web series, Swapnil Joshi is performing main role of Kumar Mahajan, Ganesh Revdekar performing role of Kumar’s friend Sharad Wafgaonkar. Jayant Sawarkar playing role of palmist Swami in Mumbai. Tejaswini Pandit is performing role of Kumar’s loving wife Nima Mahajan. Nitin Bodhare is a servant Hanmya in Panhala, Kolhapur. Sai Tamhankar performing two roles, one is Sundara Bagal and another is Meera Baviskar. Nitish Bhardwaj performing role of Sudarshan Chakrapani who stays in Chiplun.

Samantar web series is a unique story and has a good concept. It has good grip and keeps you on edge of the seat. You get sympathy for Kumar Mahajan that where he got stuck and also you feel angry for Kumar that why don’t he listens to anyone.
There are some horror effects created in first season which makes it over drama. But second season is quite smooth and sticks to mystery. This series is originally made in Marathi so it will have maximum effects in that. Its dubbing is also available in other languages like Hindi, Tamil and Telugu. Hindi dubbing is lose on some parts which is not able to create enough effect or intensity of the scenes in some situations.

Overall we will recommend a watch for Samantar web series and for mystery lovers this is another must watch web series available freely on MX Player OTT VOD platform.

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Drama

Indori Ishq Review | Ritvik Sahore, Vedika Bhandari, Donna Munshi Tithi Raaj Meera Joshi, Altaf Raja

Indori Ishq is a sensuous romance love betrayal drama kind of web series streaming on MX Player OTT VOD platform.

Kunal Marathe is a student in one of the school in Indore who is in love with his classmate Tara. Finally in 12th standard Kunal proposes Tara in front of Altaf Raja‘s live concert in Indore. Tara accepts it.
Kunal moves to Mumbai for his merchant navy entrance exam preparation. Back in Indore Tara betrays him by having another affair with her college friend. This leads Kunal to have alcoholic life in one of the slum area of Mumbai. His friends Mahesh helps him get over sad situation. Some of the scenes will remind you of Shahid Kapoor from movie Kabir Singh but with unrequired overacting.
In Mumbai, Kunal found three more girls bar dancer and property broker Reshma, neighbor Kaamna and friend’s friend Aaliya, but he couldn’t make any relationship further because of Tara’s thought. Tara calls him back to Indore to settle her ongoing problem, Kunal goes to Indore and helps her with tricky situation and their love story again comes back to track. What happens next you need to watch.

Genre: Romance, Drama

3 Latest Web Series on MX Player in Hindi | Runaway Lugaai | Ramyug | Shukla The Tiger

Watch the video

Shukla the Tiger is drama thriller web series. Shukla the Tiger has 10 episodes in season 1. Major shooting of this series is conducted in Satna, Madhya Pradesh.
Ravi Bhatia is playing the main role of Shukla. Other cast of this series includes: Shafaq Naaz, Ravi Bhatia, Arham Abbasi, Arun Verma, Gaurav Arora, Jeet Pandey, Mahima Gupta, Garima Agarwal, Anjna das, Umesh Tiwari, Neeraj Rajput, Ram Jaiswal, Amarjeet, Himayat Ali, Anish Sharon Khan, Satya, Majid khan, Raj Gautam, Noor Siddiqui and Rehan.

Ramyug is a story of Load Rama. Ramyug has 8 episodes in season 1. Ramyug is directed by Kunal Kohli.
Diganth is performing role of Lord Ram. Aishwarya Ojha is debuting with this series and performing as Sita. Akshay Dogra is playing as Lakshman. Mr India Vivan Bhatena is perfroming as Hanuman and Role of Ravan is performed by Kabir Duhan Singh. Other cast includes Danish Akhtar, Vikram Singh Chauhan, Tisca Chopra, Amit Gaur, Shaan Groverr, Shweta Gulati, Ravi Jhankal, John Kokken, Suparna Marwah, Navdeep Pallapollu, Hemant Pandey, Sanober Pardiwalla, Shishir Sharma, Jatin Sial, Arun Singh, Teena Singh, Anup Soni, Dalip Tahil.

Runaway Lugaai is a latest MX Original web series directed by Avinash Das. Runaway Lugaai is #SitCom, Comedy, Drama, Dramedy kind of web series available on MX Player. Runaway Lugaai’s season 1 having 10 episodes with subtitles in English and Hindi.
Naveen Kasturia playing role of judge Rajnikant Sinha. Sanjay Mishra performing role of MLA Narendra Sinha and father of Rajnikant Sinha. Ruhi Singh is a runaway bride Bulbul, as wife of Rajnikant. Ravi Kishan performing as himself as an actor Ravi Kishan. Arya Babbar has small role as Justin Bieber aka Rakesh aka Bilal. Pankaj Jha is inspector Shakti and Chittaranjan Tripathy is performing as father of Bulbul as Dashrath Pandey.

Dream Back To Qing Dynasty is a famous Chinese fantasy story dubbed in Hindi. Kakafukaka is Japanese romantic story dubbed in Hindi. Goalmaal is an interesting interesting love rivalry story dubbed in Hindi from Bengali.

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