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Annabelle Rathore Review | A horror comedy

Annabelle Rathore Review in Hindi
Annabelle Rathore Review in Hindi

Today, we are going to review latest Hindi film Annabelle Rathore horror comedy genre. Annabelle Rathore is a Hindi version of Tamil film Annabelle Sethupathi.

The story of Annabelle Rathore starts in 1948 with a magnificent palace built by King Devendra Singh Rathore (Vijay Sethupathi) for his love and britisher wife Annabelle (Taapsee Pannu). A zameendar Chandrabhaan (Jagapathi Babu) wishes for the same palace but dont want a duplicate. So in his greed he kills Devendra and his pregnant wife Annabelle. Chandrabhaan moves to this palace with his family.

Shanmuga (Yogi Babu) a loyal servant of King Devendra took the revenge by poisoning food and everyone gets killed and become ghosts and stuck in the palace.

Over the years, rumour spreads in the village that whoever eats on full moon night in that palace become ghost and gets stuck in the palace. This prevents Chandrabhaan’s only grandson to acquire and sell this palace.

Coming to current year 2021, Rudra (Taapsee Pannu) and her family lives a thug life. Police finally caches them. This policeman Kathir (Linga) is the Chandrabhaan’s grandson’s grandson who by tricks ask Rudra’s family to perform cleaning of this palace. They just want to check if really any ghosts exists there. Rudra agrees for that as in her mind she had thoughts of looting this palace.

Annabelle Rathore Review in Hindi

Now you have to see what happens with Rudra and her family enters the huanted palace. Does Shanmuga’s ghost reminds her of as reincarnation of Annabelle? And finally what happens to this palace.

Well this is horror comedy movie but it totally not creates any horror and lacks in comedy section. This movie is full of overacting. If you like watching Hindi dubbed version of South Indian movies then you can give it a one time watch. You won’t miss anything even if you dont watch this movie.

Genre: Comedy, Horror


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